Are There Homeopathic Treatments for Opiates?

Are There Homeopathic Treatments for Opiates?

Recovering users may look into a number of homeopathic treatments for their opiate addiction

With opiate addiction rates soaring and the cost of rehab/treatment seemingly out of reach, people often search for an alternative way out addiction… for themselves and their loved ones. Thousands of homeopathic approaches and herbal therapies are one Google search away, promising all manner of detox benefits for opiate addiction.

One of the most common homeopathic treatments for opiates includes the use of the passionflower plant. Also known as Apricot Vine, Corona de Cristo and Grenadille, the passionflower plant is instrumental in helping alleviate some of the most common symptoms associated with opiate withdrawal. This naturally occurring substance can help ease gastrointestinal issues such as and upset stomach or nausea, as well as treat insomnia, an all-too-common side effect of opiate withdrawal. In addition to these symptoms, some homeopathic doctors use passionflower to treat hysteria, ADHD, anxiety and high blood pressure – all typical symptoms that occur during opiate withdrawal.

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Another homeopathic treatment that has reportedly been successful in treating opiate addiction is Ibogaine. This naturally occurring substance was originally used in Western Africa for spiritual purposes, but is now a drug that many people use to help relieve their opiate withdrawal symptoms. Those who have used it in their homeopathic treatment have reported that drug cravings are dramatically decreased and the symptoms of opiate withdrawal are quickly lessened (and almost stopped entirely). This drug has not been researched thoroughly enough to be widely used in the homeopathic treatment of opiate addiction. Also, while it might work for some, is still controversial because of its psychoactive effects including hallucinations, severe nausea, vertigo, sleeplessness and depression.

It is important to understand that while there are many different homeopathic treatments for opiate addiction, they may or may not work for you. As with Ibogaine, a number of homeopathic treatments have not been adequately studied, making the use of these types of treatments, at best, experimental. In most cases, physician-supervised opiate addiction treatment provides the best chance for success… for withdrawal, detox, as well as for short term and long-term recovery.

If you are interested in treating your opiate addiction with a homeopathic approach, work with your treatment provider to figure out the best plan of action for your uniquely personal situation.

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