Rediscovering life without opiates

Rediscovering Life without Opiates

Life after addiction can be full, rich and healthy. Many individuals in recovery find themselves feeling better than ever and living a life that is even more rewarding than the one they had before opiate use began. Taking the step to end opiate abuse is scary as it can be hard to imagine life without […]

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How culture influences opiate abuse

How Culture Influences Opiate Abuse

Opium is one of the most powerful and addictive substances available on the market today. Historically, it has been used for medicinal and illicit purposes for centuries. In modern prescription medicine, it is the most popular ingredient in medications designed for the alleviation of chronic pain. When it comes to recreational drug use, drugs like […]

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Breaking the cycle of opiate addiction

Breaking the Cycle of Opiate Addiction

The cycle of opiate addiction can end. It can be defeated on individual and social levels, and it can be defeated with the help of addiction recovery professionals, supportive peers and understanding friends and family members. Ending the cycle of addiction begins with understanding its cyclical nature and how anyone can take the first steps […]

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Can I quit opiates on my own?

Can I Quit Opiates on My Own?

When you know that you have a problem with opiate abuse, it is normal to discontinue drug use on your own. In most cases, attempts to quit “cold turkey” are very unsuccessful. All opiates, such as painkillers like morphine, Demerol and Vicodin, have roughly the same effect on your brain. Each of these drugs binds […]

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3 ways opiate rehab can save your life

3 Ways Opiate Rehab Can Save Your Life

Opiates are psychoactive drugs made from the opium poppy plant. Opioids include codeine, morphine and thebaine. Opioids are synthetic (man-made) opiates, and include drugs like oxycodone, Percocet, Demerol, and OxyContin. Semi-synthetic opioids are drugs that come from both the poppy plant and synthetic additives and include hydrocodone, hydromorphone and heroin. All opiates and opioids are […]

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How opiate rehab works

How Opiate Rehab Works

The term opiate means a combination of two or more substances derived from raw opium. Popular medications, which fall into this classification, are morphine and codeine. Another class of opiates is semi-synthetic and includes oxycodone and hydrocodone. (more…)

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Best solutions for opiate abuse

Best Solutions for Opiate Abuse and Side Effects

Opiates may seem like wonder drugs at first. If you face acute or chronic pain, they can provide immediate relief. If you struggle with mental health issues, they can provide an immediate sense of escape. If you are stressed, bored or struggling to fit in with a certain social group, they can provide a sense […]

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Making the decision to quit opiates

Making the Decision to Quit Opiates

Whether used by legitimate prescription for pain management, or recreationally as an escape, opiates are powerful narcotics that block pain and anxiety signals in the central nervous system but carry a high risk of dependence and addiction. Long term use causes serious damage to the nervous system, the brain, mental health and internal organs. If […]

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Opiate addiction in the workplace

Opiate Addiction in the Workplace

Opiate addiction is a powerful issue that can overtake a person’s life. Behaviors and attitudes change so that once-reliable individuals become irresponsible or untrustworthy. These changes affect the workplace, and addiction can impact coworkers and productivity. The American Council for Drug Education (ACDE) reports the following statistics about drugs in the workplace: 70 percent of […]

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Doctors, is your patient addicted to opiates?

Doctors: Is Your Patient Addicted to Opiates?

Every doctor should be very familiar with opiate and opioid drugs. They have been the most commonly prescribed drugs for surgical recovery, chronic pain, cancer treatment and general pain management for many, many years. (more…)

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