1.9 Million Americans Live with Opiate Addiction. Let’s Work Together to Change That.

Our goal is to increase awareness about the impact of opiate addiction and to help individuals find appropriate treatment options. We have already helped thousands of families and loved ones get the help they need. The US is in the middle of an addiction epidemic, but we can end it together. Learn more about opiates on our site or call us if you have treatment questions. We can help.

What Are Opiates?

An opiate is any of various sedative narcotics containing opium of one or more of its natural or synthetic derivatives. Opiates include morphine and its synthetic derivatives, such as heroin and codeine. They are medically used to relieve pain, but because tolerance and dependency can be side effects of derivatives like morphine, the usage is strictly controlled. All opiates are narcotic analgesics and have the risk of psychological addiction along with physical addiction.

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What Should I Do If I Want to Get Clean?

Is It Time for Rehab?

Addiction happens at many levels of intensity. People often approach recovery in four ways: self-change, group support, counseling and treatment. If opiate use is having a significant impact on your life, let us help you understand each recovery approach and know the right questions to ask professionals.
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Having the right expectations of opiate rehab and recovery

What to Expect

You can safely detox from opiates with assistance from consulting medical professionals at a treatment center. Because we have relationships with trustworthy treatment centers around the nation, we can refer you to the place that offers the best fit for your situation. Their staff can walk you through each step of treatment with compassion and care.
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How to Assess Opiate Recovery Needs

Choose Your Treatment

Millions of people need help every year, but everyone is different. Many factors may determine what treatment options are right for each person. Getting useful advice from counselors or addiction professionals is important so that you can choose the most effective treatment plan for you or your loved one. Our educational resources can make those conversations easier.
Types of treatment

46 Americans Die Each Day From Opiate Overdoses

46 Americans die each day from prescription opioid overdoses. That’s two deaths an hour, 17,000 people every year. It doesn’t have to be this way– we can make a difference. 

Treating the Causes of Addiction

Most people are focused on simply getting off opiates, but treating the root causes of addiction makes long-term recovery far more sustainable. An approach professionally known as integrated treatment includes programs that both treat drug addiction and appropriately deal with the emotional or biological instability causing individuals to turn to drugs in the first place.
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What’s the Cost? How Can I Pay?

Health insurance is the most common way to get help paying for treatment. With the Affordable Care Act, more people are getting coverage for treatment than ever before. Factors like facility location, the insurance policy you have and the acuity of your symptoms may affect your coverage, but we work with all major insurance providers and can help you navigate your options for care. Let us answer your questions, verify your coverage benefits and help you make the right choice.
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