About Opiates

Opiates include morphine and its synthetic derivatives, such as heroin and codeine. They are medically used to relieve pain, but because tolerance and dependency can be side effects, their usage is strictly controlled. All opiates are narcotic analgesics and have the risk of psychological addiction along with physical addiction.

After using the drug for an extended time, the nerve cells in the brain, which would produce natural painkillers, cease to function normally because of the opiate that it is receiving. Patients prescribed opiates as their pain medication include those that are chronic pain suffers, surgical patients, sickle-cell patients and cancer patients.

Recreational users may take opiates in a manner to achieve a “high” or rush. They usually chew, crush, break or inject the drug. These uses can lead to addiction and dependence.

Articles about Opiates

How long does opiate rehab last?

How Long Does Opiate Rehab Last?

People addicted to opiates generally have many questions about addiction treatment and rehab. One of those questions is how long rehab lasts. There are many variables that affect the answer such as individual treatment options and components. Ideally, how long an opiate rehab program lasts is determined by the needs of the patients. Patients come […]

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Can I quit opiates on my own?

Can I Quit Opiates on My Own?

Opiates are all chemically related to opium, a painkiller and intoxicant derived from the seeds of certain poppy plants. All opiates, including painkillers like morphine, Demerol and Vicodin, have roughly the same effect on the brain. They bind with specific receptors and prevent pain and anxiety signals from travelling through the nervous system. While present […]

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Why you shouldn't wait to get opiate abuse help

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get Opiate Abuse Help

Denial is part of the disease of addiction. It’s common for people addicted to opiates to tell themselves that the problem isn’t really that bad or that they could stop taking their drug of choice if they really wanted to do so. Even when addicts recognize their addiction, they are often still hesitant to seek […]

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When does opiate use become an abuse problem?

When Does Opiate Use Become an Abuse Problem?

Opiates are derived from narcotic alkaloids found in the opium poppy plant. Opiates work by decreasing the perception of pain, changing the reaction to pain and increasing tolerance to pain. Opiate addiction often happens without notice because of how quickly dependence and tolerance can occur. If a patient does not follow the prescription precisely, addiction […]

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How dangerous is opiate abuse?

How Dangerous Is Opiate Abuse?

Opiate abuse is one of the most rapidly growing areas of drug abuse. In 1997, 16,000 people were admitted into drug treatment centers for opium abuse. This number has since increased to over 90,000 opium abuse admissions yearly. Opiate abuse is dangerous for users both in the short-term and long-term and not simply on a […]

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Will my insurance cover opiate addiction treatment?

Will My Insurance Cover Opiate Addiction Treatment?

No one wants to battle with an insurance company while struggling with an opiate addiction. In fact, the growing number of people addicted to opiates spurred the federal government to pass new rules to make treatments more available and better. (more…)

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Doctors, is your patient addicted to opiates?

Doctors: Is Your Patient Addicted to Opiates?

Every doctor should be very familiar with opiate and opioid drugs. They have been the most commonly prescribed drugs for surgical recovery, chronic pain, cancer treatment and general pain management for many, many years. (more…)

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Why go to opiate rehab

Why Go to Opiate Rehab?

Opiates are highly addictive drugs, both physically and psychologically. Many commonly abused drugs are opiates, including the following: Heroin Morphine Hydrocodone Oxycodone Propoxyphene Fentanyl (more…)

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What happens in opiate rehab?

What Happens in Opiate Rehab?

Opiates include a group of narcotic pain relievers that were traditionally made from the opium poppy but are now predominantly synthetic drugs. Opiates have been in use for centuries and are the oldest and most addictive drugs on the planet. They are among the most commonly prescribed medications and are known by some of the […]

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Street Names for Opiates

Opiates such as opium, heroin, fentanyl, morphine, codeine, hydrocodone and oxycodone are abused and sold illegally. As a result, these narcotics have various street names.

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