Creating New Traditions after Opiate Rehab

Creating New Traditions after Opiate Rehab

Your support group can become a new tradition

Early recovery from opiate drugs is well-known for being a difficult experience. What many people don’t consider is that opiate recovery is a life-long process. The first stages of life without opiates can be much easier with the right support network, like the one found in addiction rehab treatment. After initial recovery, many people underestimate the importance of a solid support network. Opiate cravings can continue for months or years after addiction is treated. Support through recovery groups, friends, and family can make the difference between lasting wellness and chronic relapse.

Benefits of Creating New Traditions After Opiate Addiction Rehab

Opiate addiction takes over every aspect of an individual’s life. Opioid and opiate use destroys relationships, takes the place of traditions, and re-reroutes the daily life of the addicted individual. One way to help ensure wellness is to build new traditions that include individuals who support recovery.

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Once opiates are out of the life of the affected individual, he or she may find some extra time on hand. Unfortunately, too much extra time can lead to unhappy thinking and even place the individual back in a place to crave opiates again. This is the very best time to try new hobbies, consider a career change, pick up a part-time job, go back to school, go to those 12-step meetings, or begin a few new traditions. Trying new things can allow the individual to:

  • Develop connections – If a recovering opiate addict does not foster a connection with loved ones, chances are his or her support system will be non-existent. Therefore, by creating new traditions and/or restoring old ones with loved ones, recovering addicts can continue to develop connections that allow for an increase in support at this time.
  • Create distractions – It can be very easy for an opiate addict to relapse, which means one of the most important things he or she can do is find ways to stay occupied and active. Creating new traditions, such as weekly dinners with family, game nights, or more, can help keep recovering addicts occupied at a time when they need it most.
  • Build responsibility – Traditions often become so important to individuals that they begin to feel a sense of responsibility to carry them out. By creating something that makes them feel accountable and responsible to others, recovering opiate addicts can strengthen their sobriety.

Creating new traditions can help foster deep connections with others, provide distractions from cravings, and help demonstrate and build responsibility after addiction.

The Importance of Overcoming Opiate Addiction

Sobriety is incredibly important for opiate addicts, as the continued use of this class of drug can be life threatening. Going back to a life of opiate abuse can cause significant physical and psychological health problems, all of which can lead to permanent damage—if not death.

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