How Art Therapy is a Healthy Outlet

How Art Therapy is a Healthy Outlet?

Art therapy is a healthy outlet for substance abusers and those with mental health disorders

Art therapy focuses on the opportunity to share emotions or feelings often not easily identified or put into words through artistic expression. The process of creating art is very fulfilling and allows each person to use their talents and dig deeper into their thoughts. Art therapy connects with each individual in a unique way. 

Benefits of art therapy include:

A chance to reflect without judgment.

An individual may hold thoughts or emotions inside due to fear of what others will think, but art can enable him to express his feelings. Being honest and sharing these thoughts through art allows the individual to release the pinned up emotions under the surface. Many times these feelings are not clear without this dedicated time of reflection in therapy.

An increase in balance.

Balance is needed to live a fulfilled life. Art uses your strengths, personality and experiences to help you create. The process of creation is fulfilling and allows you take a part of yourself and make something with it. Each time a picture is painted, a journal is written in or a photograph is taken, a unique experience has been created. Each piece of art is unique as is the creator.

A boost in self-esteem.

When an individual learns more about himself, over time he or she grows and matures. As this process continues, confidence builds and self-esteem levels rise.

A way to rediscover joy.

By revisiting art enjoyed in the past, art therapy can lead to engagement in activities that give joy and fulfillment. Whether it was painting, coloring, reading, writing or any other endeavor, in the past there was an activity that provided delight and fun to each individual.

Success with art therapy will vary. The key is to find an activity that enables self-expression and reflection. For example, writing may not relieve stress for some individuals. If an activity leads to frustration, the activity does not have a good influence in recovery. Moving onto a more fulfilling, uplifting activity is the appropriate course of treatment.

There are many different kinds of art therapy available in treatment. Call our helpline any time of day or night and our counselors will address your needs and guide you through various treatment methods.