How to Heal from Opiate Addiction

How to heal from opiate addiction

Healed from opiate addiction

Opium-related medications are powerful and effective medications used for pain management. Very similar to heroin, the drug is very popular for recreational drug use. Opiate addiction usually stems from one of two scenarios. In the first scenario, a physician prescribes someone an opiate pain medication. When a person uses the substance in heavy doses or for long periods, the body begins to build a tolerance. The medication will seem less effective, and many will take more frequent or higher doses. This often leads to dependency, a situation in which an individual feels as if he or she needs regular doses of the drug to maintain normal function. When taking drugs recreationally, the processes of tolerance and dependence occur at an accelerated rate due to unregulated doses.

Recovery from Opium and Opiate Addiction

Whether your addiction to opium or an opiate is the result of a legitimate prescription or stems from recreational drug use, many quality treatment options exist to help you get your life back and to restore your physical and psychological health. A successful opiate recovery can be a life-long process. However, the decision to seek rehabilitation will always be worth the effort.

The first step toward recovery is detox, and this should occur in a designated rehabilitation facility. Because opium and its derivatives are powerful, it is not recommended that you discontinue use of the drug outright. This can result in opiate withdrawal syndrome and painful side effects. During detox in a designated facility, medical professionals will take steps to ensure your safety and comfort.

While some treatment centers focus solely on detox, a quality treatment facility will also treat the emotional and psychological aspects of your addiction through increased focus on education and therapy. In sessions with a trusted therapist, you can begin to understand some of the underlying causes surrounding your addiction. Education can help you understand some environmental factors that may help you avoid a relapse.

Need Help Finding Resources for Opiate Addiction?

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