Opiate Abuse Help for the College Student

Opiate abuse help for the college student

Opiate abuse help for the college student

Opiates are prescribed to help those in pain cope on a daily basis, but most pain medication in meant as a short-term treatment. Opiates change how pain is interpreted and make the user feel relaxed and drowsy. The availability of opiates has dramatically increased in recent years, and college students have found various opiate drugs to be an easy but dangerous way experiment with drug use. Opiates are a common presence in college party culture. The negative effects of opiate abuse by college students can be severe.

College Stress and Opiate Abuse

As college students experience stress and pressure to succeed academically, fit in with their peer group of choice and manage a more independent lifestyle, the use of artificial substances has become more common. Some of the common stresses experienced by college students include the following.

  • The stress of getting good grades. Students feel pressure to do well, particular those who must earn high grade point averages in order to keep financial aid packages.
  • The pressure to make friends and fit in socially. For some students, this can lead to insecurities and inappropriate choices.
  • The stress of making independent decision. Without the support of family, college students may feel lost. The guidance of responsible adults is missing, and students must adapt to making more and larger choices for themselves.

Stress can lead to self-medication or a belief in a need to “party” to release stress. Because opiates are readily available, students can obtain and share pain pills easily. It is important that college students realize the very real danger posed by opiates and that opiate use can lead to addiction and even death.

Get Help for Opiate Abuse

If you are in college or have a loved one in college, you may be concerned about opiate abuse. It is never too late or too early to get help. Call our toll-free helpline now to find out what you can do stop a slide into dangerous habits. We are here to help 24 hours a day, so please don’t hesitate to call now.

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