Questions to Ask a Rehab Center

Questions to ask an opiate rehab center

Questions to ask an opiate rehab center

Opiates are narcotic alkaloids found naturally in the opium poppy plant. They are commonly found in prescription drugs that are used to treat pain. Drugs that contain opiates will cause addiction over time, and many patients find that they become addicted within a few weeks. Opiate addiction has a strong control over both the patient’s body and mind. Without rehab, opiate addiction can be close to impossible to recover from.

You may be opiate user or a loved one who wants to know what rehab will look like. This can be an overwhelming task with no help and no knowledge of rehab. Before calling a rehab center you should compile a list of questions to ask. This will help you be more prepared and more knowledgeable about the recovery process. Below are some questions that might be helpful when making that first call:

  • What is your success rate? There are many rehab centers out there. Some offer a quick solution to opiate addiction, but Opiate rehab is an ongoing process and not just a quick detox that takes a few hours. Just because a patient has gone through detox does not mean that the addiction has ended. Ask the rehab center about their success rate after detox.
  • How much does it cost? The answer depends on how severe the addiction is and what type of programs the rehab center offers. Additionally, it will depend on how much your insurance will cover. Sometimes there are scholarships for recovery programs. A rehab center should be able to help find this information and give you an estimated cost. Rehab centers can get expensive, and it is important to know the costs involved.
  • Do you offer both inpatient and outpatient programs? There are many things that factor into whether or not you need inpatient or outpatient treatment. Rehab centers need to be able to cater to your addiction level and time schedule. Some users require inpatient rehab, while others might be able to come and go according to their schedule.
  • Will there be counseling involved? Detox is only the beginning of the battle for sobriety. Most opiate addictions stem from personal issues. Anything from depression to divorce could be a root issue contributing to opiate use. Opiates provide a sense of escape to users, leading to abuse and psychological addiction. Counseling and therapy will help identify these issues and provide healthy means of coping. Without this portion of rehab, the opiate user has simply gone through detox and will turn to opiates when faced with these or other issues in the future.
  • What types of programs are offered? Rehab programs generally have a variety of programs to help end opiate addiction. Some rehab programs use equine treatment, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, support groups or Dual Diagnosis. All of these programs have proven to be effective. You should not only ask about what types of programs are available but how they work and which will best fit your recovery needs.
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