Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get Opiate Abuse Help

Why you shouldn't wait to get opiate abuse help

Why you shouldn’t wait to get opiate abuse help

Denial is part of the disease of addiction. It’s common for people addicted to opiates to tell themselves that the problem isn’t really that bad or that they could stop taking their drug of choice if they really wanted to do so. Even when addicts recognize their addiction, they are often still hesitant to seek treatment. Delaying treatment, however, is not a wise course of action.

Reasons Not to Delay Opiate Addiction Treatment

There are a number of reasons why opiate addiction treatment shouldn’t be delayed, including the following:

  • Opiates can kill you – The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) notes that heroin, one of the most frequently abused opiate drugs, is also one of the drugs most frequently involved in drug abuse deaths. Some people believe that only injected opiates can cause a fatal overdose, but snorting and smoking the drugs can also be deadly. Natural opiates can vary in strength between doses, so effects can be unpredictable.
  • There are peripheral physical risks related to injection of opiates, especially if sharing needles – Risks include exposure to such diseases as hepatitis C and HIV.
  • Addiction is not a self-limiting disease – It grows and increases in power.
  • Increased abuse of opiates leads to increased risk of legal trouble – A drug-related arrest can have serious and long-lasting consequences.
  • Drug abuse is expensive – The sooner a user gets treatment, the sooner money currently going to maintain the habit can be used for more positive pursuits.
  • Drug abuse can destroy personal relationships – As addiction takes over a user’s life, the drug becomes more important than people or activities that were once significant. Drug abuse can lead to lies and associated lack of trust. The sooner treatment begins, the sooner the addict can work to restore trust. It is also more likely that important relationships can be saved and healed.

Taking the First Step on the Road to Opiate Abuse Recovery

Every journey begins with a first step, and the sooner the addict takes that step, the sooner the end of the journey will be reached. Don’t put off taking the first step toward recovery from opiate addiction. Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day, so there’s no need to delay a moment longer. Call today, and let us give you the information you need. We can even check your insurance coverage. We understand your situation, and we can help.